Belmont Stakes 2020: Betting Guide, Tips and Know Hows

Horse Betting is one of the most exciting gambling games you can participate in. You can enjoy the thrill of the race as well as the immediate and fast result of wins. Among the many horse racing events out there, the much anticipated 2020 Belmont Stakes will be finally happening on June 6th in Elmont, New York. Expect plenty of action and handsome payouts in this horse race.


When betting involves a lot of fun, it can also be challenging. To help you with this dilemma, we have compiled an easy to digest guide for the upcoming Belmont Stakes participants. Here are several tips and information to bet appropriately and get that exciting win.


What Is the Belmont Stake?

The Belmont Stakes is the oldest horse race that first occurred way back in 1867. The Belmont Stakes is a part of the Triple Crown race series and usually becomes the final event of the race series.  In the Belmont Stakes, winners take huge prizes, and most names will be placed on history boards.


The Belmont Stakes is often called the Test of the Champion due to its race length of almost 2 miles. The race distance is longer than the well-known Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby events, making it all the more challenging for competitors. Additionally, Belmont Stakes are usually held three weeks after the Preakness Stakes and five weeks after The Kentucky Derby, a truly challenging event for competitors as these events are close to one another.


Betting Variations

Betting on a horse racing event is exciting and unique because of its betting variations. There are several ways to bet in this type of gamble, but the popular betting types are Straight and Exotic bets.


Straight bets are simple bets which are categorized as Win, Place, and Show wagers. Win wagers are the most straightforward bet, and you only pick the horse who will take the championship while the Place wager will let you bet whose horse will take first or second place. Meanwhile, the Show wager predicts who will take the first, second, and third places.


Naturally, the biggest bet you can take is the Win wager, while the Place and Show wagers offer better odds of winning.


Exotic Bets are harder bets with bigger risks and even bigger payouts. The gist is to predict the horses that would finish in specific places. Categories of this bet variation include Quiniela, Exacta, Trifecta, and Superfecta.


Quiniela wager is an exotic wager with slightly better odds than the rest. It requires you to pick horses that would either finish in first or second place. As long as these horses place first or second, your winning bet would be in the safe spot.


Exacta is a much tricky wager with better payouts than Quiniela. It would still require you to pick possible first and second place competitors, but it has to be in the exact order. Meaning, you must also delegate which horse would win the first and second place, respectively.


The exotic bets with the most payouts are the Trifecta that requires correct predictions of the first three horses to win the race and the Superfecta that picks the first four finishing horses in the exact order of their win. Exotic wagers need the best bets and luck to take the winning prize.


Betting Tips

With these variations of wagers, it is up to you to pick the best wager type. Check out factors to avoid impulse betting and maximize your odds of winning the bet.

Avoid the Favorites

This tip does not imply to avoid fan-favorite competitors in the race. This tip encourages you to discover other horses to bet on. Bear in mind that past winners in Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby does not guarantee a win in the Belmont Stakes.


Get to know and discover other competitors in the field and bet small wagers on them. Bet as much as you can in different variations to get more possible wins.


Jockeys and Equestrians

Some may think that the best horse wins the race. Bear in mind that it is not always the case. A skilled equestrian is a factor in winning the race, not just the horse. Amateur bettors often overlook the equestrian’s impact, which affects their chances of winning.


Rests Bear Significance To The Win

Keep in mind that horses only have a few weeks to rest in every event. Data shows that knowing the quality time of resting is advantageous to bettors.


Historically, there are few horses that we’re able to race in two events, one after the other, but not many horses can afford this. Before selecting your preferred horse, check its recent races and decide whether to wager bets on it or not.



Horse betting is more than predicting who goes first. It goes as far as predicting the exact order of finishers in a race. The best way to win bets is to choose the best horse and to get multiple wagers that offer bigger chances of a win.

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